October 5, 2009

The Reddish Redmummy

Redmummy.The name that is quite popular in blogger world in Malaysia.She is one of the top 7 featured blogger for Project Alpha Season 1 held by Nuffnang . I am one of the silent and loyal reader of Redmummy  (http://www.redmummy.com/). For those of you that didn't know Redmummy, here i want to introduce you to her:

The Red Lover, The Red Diva, The Reddish Redmummy

I read her blog almost daily.I really like/love what she wrote in her blog.The word is easy to understand, illustrated with picture, and really interesting to read.Another reason i like to read Redmummy are:

1)She really love red colour.I love blue colour.People said the blue and red are the opposite colour,I can't help to say that when I read her blog , my love for red colour is getting stronger.Furthermore, she really enjoy with what she is doing even people said red colour have a lot of negative meaning such as anger, cupid and the Devil.

2)When i see red, one of the thing that i remember is :


However, for redmummy it never bother her.She continue writing her blog and enjoy what she is doing.She wrote with passion, related the stories to her life experience and never give up to write an interesting stories everyday.It not easy to be in a limelight and at the same time working fulltime, being a popular blogger, mother, wife,and etc.Redmummy, I really envy with your life.

The expression seeing red indicates anger. However, when i see Redmummy blog(background,layout,etc) and her writing, it does not look like that. She is always happy go lucky, cool ,easy going, and humble person. I(eyriqazz) once send her a message via twitter(redmummydotcom) and she reply it back to me even i just her silent reader.Redmummy, no wonder people really like your blog. Your attitude toward your fan/reader is making them to read more and being loyal with your writing.

I did my own research and reading on why Redmummy is so popular in blogging world in Malaysia.Here are my finding  :

1)The Colour of Red itself. 

What I can say more?I think Red colour is the most popular colour in the world.Red is hot.Redmummy is cool,beautiful and The Diva.It really suite her.The nature of red is a stimulant and red is the hottest of the warm colors. Studies show that red can have a physical effect, increasing the rate of respiration and raising blood pressure.No wonder when I read Redmummy blog, my blood pressure is rising. Hehehe..

The Culture of Red  is power, hence the red power tie for business people and the red carpet (I never heard people call it blue or yellow carpet) for celebrities and VIPs (very important people).In some cultures, red denotes purity, joy, and celebration. Red is the colour of happiness and prosperity in China and may be used to attract good luck.Yes, I am happy when reading Redmummy blog and Red was bringing good luck to Redmummy (popular,people really like her writing,financial reward from advertising, etc).

People use the  red colour to grab attention and to get people to take action. No wonder a lot of Superhero custom is also red in colour. Let me show you :

Even our first Superhero (Cicakman ) also using red colour for his custome.

Ohh,I really like Spiderman and Ultraman.Even now,when my nephew is watching Ultraman, I watched it too.Believe it or not, the most strongest Superhero in the planet also :
Wear red underwear!! 

Other than that, the red colour is very popular in sport. As I like to watch and play football, I can relate this to :

AC Milan, Manchester United, Kelantan , and Selangor to name a few.

AC Milan and Manchester United are two of the most popular and successful football club in the world.The life experience watching AC Milan vs Manchester United (aka the Red Devil) in Manchester United Stadium during Champion League Quarter Final 200... (forgot already) is really satisfying. A goal from Hernan Crespo really hurt Manchester United fan heart.In our country,  Kelantan and Selangor are quite popular too.Maybe some of you still remember the Piala Malaysia Final in 2008 that attracted more than 50,000 people/fan to the Stadium.Liverpool, Barcelona, and Urawa Red Diamond also are using red colour for their logo.Why?Because it bring good luck and power.I still remember in my secondary and high school ,red house (Rumah Merah) is always winning   in the sport competition between club.I wish i was in "Rumah Merah" as well but i always in ''Rumah Kuning''(Yellow House).
Malaysia flag.Can you see the red colour in it?No wonder our country are so prosperous, harmony, and we enjoy/happy to be a Malaysian.

 The blood (red) is already in our body.Can you live without this 'red' things?

To wrap it up, the red colour is the most popular colour in the world as a lot of items,logo, food are :

In Red!!

So, do you believe in my theory now?Red is really popular and successful. The other reason is :

2)The word mummy itself :

Mummy (aka Mother, Mak,Mama,Ibu, etc)

If we asked ten people, who you love most?, I think 9/10 people will say a mummy (mum,mother,etc).So, it really show that mummy is the symbol of Love and the people we love most.

So,when we add it up (Red+Mummy) we will get ''The Most Popular, The Most Successful ,The Most Lovely'' or ''The Reddish Redmummy''.

I think i it is a time for me to change my blog name to :
The Red Daddy!!

P/s : Do not forget to vote 4 redmummy for Best Parenting Blog organized by Nuffnang.You can refer to my earlier post on Vote Redmummy for Best Parenting Blog . 


  1. so cute gambo last tuh!


    thanks emm apa ke namanya nak dipanggil nih..

    thanks again :)

  2. erk...
    never heard bout red daddy...maybe u can change it..
    RM dalam diam byk bg semangat kat blogger kan kan...

  3. Redmummy :Ble panggil saya Iman je.Eyriqazz nama kat blog sahaja.Hehehe...

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  5. wahhhh...pandai pancing ehhh...
    neway..link la saya...
    if u hv chatbox, lagi sng nak go thru... =)

  6. you have a great post on redmummy! alot of red things!
    gud luck to you yeah!

  7. thanks for visiting my blog. hope you can win the second week contest.

  8. Hazarimi/Dylan/Cikgu :Thanks.I entered the week 3 contest actually

  9. thx for visiting my blog, gd luck :D

  10. Tak menahan.. Nak juga jadi red daddy.. hehhee

  11. Bro, congrats for winning 3rd place in alpha contest, jangan lupa belanja

  12. congratulation for winning week three. I won too for the same week. This will be a motivation for another posting. Keep trying. Eyeing a date with Jojo......

  13. Ha ha ha.. Mempromo redmummy ye. Makin vogue le kak red tu..

    Red Daddy pun best gak tu.. Selamat bereksperimentasi...

  14. Salam..Hi..Bloghopping..
    Red Daddy?Haha..cool!

  15. uih!! tetiba ader iklan insurans?? dier bayo ker iklan pree tuh, cikgu??

    mmg sy stuju ler, cikgu.... sy pon kalo online, x sah kalo x bacer redmummy.com.... even dlm list bookmark pon, her blog is the 1st....

    tp kan, red daddy tuh bkn ker Sirman ka?? cikgu pon ndak yea?? ehehehehe.... mohler sesama pk 'title' baru utk cikgu yg ader kne mengena ngan merah neh....hmmmmm.... mender eks??


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