January 22, 2004


One of the practical ways to succeed and never have any depressing thoughts is to define your goals. Yes, daydreams can be made into realities but you must envision your potential, limits and scope. Do not make unrealistic goals. You can add some colors of fantasy to your imagination within your realities. There is a difference between totally impossible fantasy and visualizing a broader vision. You have to reach to a finer point where the real and unreal meets. They may never really meet but you have to find the point that suits you.

In order to achieve anything you ought to go step by step. If you are at 10 you can make a goal of going to 100 but you cannot think of 1000. That's unrealistic. Do not think of past failures, your weaknesses, your deficiencies, and your lack of this and that. Most of these are unproductive files in your mind. You may accept, once and for all, all such realities. Mind does not let them go and many times we live in the shell of denial. To deny a loss or failure is creating blocks in your track. Just think about them, enlist them, accept them and go. It is very much like cleaning your workplace to start afresh. Classify, review, archive and store them.Think of how to make your goal a success. Review objects, people, events or thought patterns, which you think, can be obstacles in your path. Next review the positive assets and qualities you have. Yes you have but dig deeper. Do not put yourself down that you are worthless nor overestimate your self. Every person has some unique assets and special qualities. You need to recognize them by visualizing and focusing on them. You should now define a goal in clear words. If you can't define it, you should go to next goal till you can define it. Now select one goal and break it into very small steps. Its easier to eat a slice of pizza than the whole disc. Write these gradual steps in brief, clearly worded sentences. If the goal in hand seems impossible or very difficult, divide that into many easier steps. When you write the list of steps, you will see that most small steps are easier to cross. Do not take this as a mental exercise and ignore the importance of writing. Just sit, close eyes, focus on the goal and start with ONE key word. The rest will flow naturally.If you dedicate some of your time to define your short term & long-term goals, and then divide those goals into easier manageable steps, you will achieve most of your goals, reduce tension, stress; making your life more meaningful. Do not keep those bubbling thoughts and dreams boiling in the caldron of your mind; translate into reality by defining them. The moment you start working on your clearly defined goals, you will invoke good fortune to come. Do not let passive thoughts come in your way. Keep them aside like stones that fall on the road. Stop; clear the passive or negative thoughts and go. Start with ONE little goal and keep increasing the size. You will succeed.

January 20, 2004


Akhirnya,kitorang membuat keputusan.Eyriqaz dan Syed memilih flat studio room for next academic year.ble masuk 25/9/2004 katanya.Okler,serba lengkap,en-suite,dapur,dan tv sebagai tambahan.Bayarannya nya pun cukup mahal,£89.6 seminggu.Mentang2ler JPA yg bayar,alang2 di tahun akhir pilihler yg paling best.Betoi tak syed?Lagipun salah satu sebab kitorang bertukar arah coz standard room di pendle di bagi keutamaan kepada local student utk pilih dulu tak macam tahun lepas,first come first serve dan mungkin kalo tak menjadi halangan just 2 org per floor utk second ngan third year.So,alang2 menyeluk pekasam,lebih baik amik flat studio room.Welcome to my new room,House 29,D11,Pendle College.
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