October 8, 2010

The Friendship That Will Live Forever

I left MySelangor Story on the 5th Night as i will be working on the next day. Saying goodbye to the rest of MySelangorStory Participants is really a hard things to do.  However,  5 days journey is really worth it. Anyway, Sorry for my grammatical error, but for this special entry, i will write  in English.

 MySelangorStory is a contest amongst bloggers to promote Selangor's cultural diversity & rich tourism resource to travellers around the world. From my perspective, we already gain one of the biggest prizes which is :

The Friendship That Will Live Forever | You Guys are really cool and happy to be with

We came from different background,races and religion but we respect each other. Other than that, we  have 4 participants from Indonesia and 1 from Singapore. It is not about the 1Malaysia anymore, but it is about 1 Friendship, One Unity and we travel together and share our stories/thought .This is what MsXeroz wrote about me in her entry : Introducing the Finalist 

Master Sifu blogger, very kind and humble.

Thanks Msxeroz, i really love your entry ,to name me a master and sifu, umm, what it will be ya? Is it a lecturer or GTO ? Anyway, thanks a lot, you are such a nice girl ,easy going and talkative . I believe u will have a great future with blogging, the same goes to Tianchad (sorry, more pictures when i got time).

This is some of the moments that i manage to capture ( will upload/update more if got times) :

When , i first met these guy, umm, How nerd this guy (Azuan) and soo poyo-poyo la Abang Ben..But knowing them along the way, my first impression are wrong.So ,moral of the story, don't judge book by it cover.

The Love Between Mother and Son [ ZaraAluwi and her handsome Son, MohdZaid ]
 The Creative and Unique, Dylan [ envy with your writing, so creative with the egg,stories and etc)
Kak Ning and the Gang ( One of the best tourist guide i ever met)
Life is Beautiful/ Don't Play-Play but don't take it too seriously
 The Friendly Fadli : I will tell you more information about Nuffnang and will let Nuffnang know about the good blogging advertising prospect in Indonesia (He is one of the Co-founder of Aceh Community)
Victor and Spectre, love the way you express your feeling and thought . Victor just start blogging actively for a few months but his writing really amuse me.
 The Chatty Husni ( Love Your English Slang and Sorry because I Ruined your
last breakfast with me . Hik3, i put two extra sugar in his Tea ) 
 The Happy Go Lucky Alid and Fadli
The Chicks, The Nerds, and Where's the Monkey?
The Hot Chicks , Wah, So Lucky Are You Azuan (I'm Gonna e-mail this picture to your wife,hahaha,extortion...)
 The Great and Wonderful Moments Spectre and The Magician
The Joyful Syl the Singaporean Guy ( Heard a lot of funny story of you from Azuan)

Not to forget our Wonderwoman Mama , Amelia who really put a lot of effort to make it a great journey. Encik Fazli and the crew from Tourism Selangor really made our journey happier. Kak Ning and Selangor TV crew, we shared a good stories and experience in life. No worries Kak Nin, we set a date and i will teach you on "How to make extra money from Blogging" . I think you will become a popular blogger with your great charisma ,experience and story.

Anyway, we are not " A Fucked Up Bloggers" like what what i heard from .....u know laa...Take it positively and show that the power of Unity, Friendship and what We can brings to promote Selangor in different ways. It is normal for a bloggers to receive bad critism but handle it profesionally and one day, they will be looking for us to help them.

The Friendship that will Live Forever | Keep in touch and hope to see all of you again in the future

Sorry for those that i did not mention/put your picture in my blog. The clock is ticking and i need to submit my entry on time. But I will review back  this entry and put more pictures and feedback about all of you. Really enjoy the friendship that we obtain during the 5 days 4 nights with MySelangorStory Journey.

A poem dedicated to all of you (I 'm sorry, i'm not so good with english poem, but i will try it) :

The Friendships That Will Live Forever
MySelangorStory end but our heart is still near
Hope to see all of you in the future
One of the best moment in My life , best of luck for our future endeavour

The Best Prizes we get , Thanks MySelangorStory for the wonderful journey
If i made any mistake, i wanna say sorry
Please do it again in the future, invite all of us we gonna Rocks Selangor we will
Best of Luck for Tourism Selangor, wish more people will come we will keep promote the story

(Is it the right way i write for english poem? HIk3, Bella, can u help me with this poem? )

P/s : Who say blogging is a waste of time? The friendships that i get from blogging/event is one of the best treasure/prizes for me. How about you?

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  1. waahhh, jeles jugak. tp tu lerr, nak tinggal bini ngan anak tu mmg payah. i bet u feel the same. tp for me it's something worth doing.

    kalau bujang memang haven laa

  2. hahahahah don't judge a book by its cover. Masa first time jumpa kau, aku ingat ishhh ni mamat pro blogger ni sure tak bercampur dgn blogger cikai cam aku.

    Rupa2nya ada persamaan dari segi lawak2 and ngumpat orang lain! hhahaha

    Takper gambar aku dgn aweks semua dah tgk :) bini bagi approval hahahaa

  3. kalaulah ku tiada disini sudah pasti berada disana


  4. @Matjoe :setuju bro..but it was worth it..nasib baik timetu mak mertua dtg tengok2kan wife/alisya..kalau tak kesian juga kat bini..

    @azuan :hak3...betul2..don't judge book by it cover..dah byk eden terkena kakinakl,mohdzaid,bang nara dan lain2...hik3..mana ada pro bro, samaje cam bro....

    @suffer8zine :memang bestt...

    @joegrimjow :tuhla..kalau tidak byk yg boleh diborak2 ngan bro..

  5. Cool tuh.. huhu.. Bilalah ada peluang cam nie :)

    New Entry ProfHariz
    Gambar Artis Jambu Di Malaysia

  6. gudluckk bro!!! sekejap je dh habiss..

  7. Honestly..gua cemburu gila wehh..anyway good experience pasti sukar dilupakan..kalolah cuti aku banyak memang aku submitt entri hari tuhh..next year ada lagi tak? Dah simpan entri dah nie..ahaks

  8. very well written. it brings back memories when i read your post. ahh~ i miss everything about MSS.

  9. gua cemburu tgk pics lu dgn aweks2 hot!


  10. ahh love gambar main dam dgn husni.. muka dia serious giler.. hahha.. oh n gambar ramai2 with azuan tu urs ke? plz la email to me.. oh bro, gambar kita ramai2 byk posing2 with payung tu who's camera ye? my photos byk yg goyang :(

  11. owh,n the poem is pretty good bro.. wahh u've got hidden talents ready to burst forth.. hehehee.. we r not F-ed up bloggers.. we r super awesome! :)

  12. @ProfHariz:cool...InsyaAllah, akan ada lagi event2 sebegini bro..next time jom kita join sekali..

    @darkbatman:thanks bro..tuhla..sekejap je rasanya masa berlalu..

    @JAI:next year ada..tapi untuk yang bawah 35 tahun aje..hak3, hang lepas ke kriteria umur tu?

    @zool:memang seronok dan pengalaman yang sukar dilupakan..

    @velasrizal :best...memang bestt...

    @Dylan Phuah :agree..I miss it too... i wish got more time so i can learn more with u..i.e ur creative skills..

    @cimon :hak3..suh jadi blogger nak jadi lecturer..mentang2la nak kahwin ngan ustazah..hik2..

  13. @Bella Enveeus :nanti saya tgk kan balik gambar terlampau tu..tuhla sibuk sangat berkaraoke ngan kak ning sampai goyang2 sekali ngan kamera..

    Is it?wah2,terharu bila bella kata poem saya ok....huk3...but can't compare with u...marvellous..kalau dijual tu sah ble jadi kaya u..

  14. nice post!! really nice to have met you at MSS despite not not much to talk to you in person. lol.

    btw, i like the actual GTO manga a lot!! haha~~ you're a fulltime lecturer ke?

  15. @hamzah ian :thanks bro...

    @WenYi:hik3..i'm a shy guy,shy with a girl too..hik3...yup, i love gto too..oh no , i'm not a teacher, not even a lecturer..i'm just a banker and part time blogger..

  16. Didn't manage to speak to u much , but really great blog post to end off the whole trip ! :)

    Good lucks bro !

  17. nengok gmbr pun dah tau..mesti trip ni most memorable & enjoy sakan!



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