September 20, 2009

Scotland Trip Winter 2002

Zaman muda-muda dahulu :

Meja Judi (Play for Fun Only~ )

Stirling Monument,Scotland

Trying my new Ski

Rai and Me trying our new ski (before the training)

The result?We stuck and unable to move forward

Finally,we able to finish our ski practise

Winter Sonata

Snowball Fight

Our Little Snowman.It is really hard to make a Snowman....

St James Park Stadium, Newcastle

Finally,Our Crew:Khalid Sani,Mas Ayu,Masitah Elias,Jasmarina Jasni,Norfarhana Sani, Mohd Shahrir,Rijalul Fikri,Helmi Rozaimi,Syed Muhammad,Diyana Adnan,Mohd Khairul Nizam,Adam and myself

P/s : It is one of the enjoyable trip/vacation in my life.I wish I can go there again in the future

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  1. Haisyh, taip winter sonata kuar eyriqazz plak….hns2~ :8(


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