April 12, 2010

Like Father Like Daughter

What Do You Think?

Like Father Like Daughter, Love You Princess
Great Moments Enjoyed Together
Happy Moments At Zoo Negara
Zoo Negara Again
How About Mama? Is It Like Mother, Like Daughter?

P/s : Love You Princess, Nurul Alisya Ilyani.


  1. mcm muka sape alisya ni?? mcm iman kot..sikit je:-)

  2. i think she looks more like u bro.. but that's good.. you remind me of when i was small and my dad treated me like a princess.. i still am luckily, since i am the only girl in the family.. haih.. wish i could be young forever and away from problems.. HEH..

  3. hahahaha i loike the 1st pic tu...
    mmg sah sah like father like doter la bro...

  4. hahahah sama arr sebijik...

    bang, apsal belalai gajah tu tembus telinga ko?? dia tlg korek ker?

  5. mmmm... tunggu Alisya bawa shopping bag dulu... baru la like mother - like daughter

  6. wah da besar Alisya. makin comel! she is daddy daughter, nampak manja dgn daddy :)

  7. like father 65%
    like mother 35%

    adeh, rindu laa pulak kt hasanah baca entry ni

  8. comel aje,like father like daughter ;D


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