August 27, 2010

Bella the Mysterious Girl

This entry dedicated to Bella at , Bella, I will surely join your contest : First Enveeus Contest . Let's join this contest together-together for All readers. A lot of prizes to be won.  Credit this picture to Bella, more interesting pictures you can go to her blog. She is quite mysterious, very good in writing a poem and English Language.

P/s : Bella, can I join your contest in BM or you want me to write in BI? I can do both but as you one of my winner for my Terjah Contest, I will let you choose it for me. Anyway, my english might be not as good as you.


  1. hi bro..

    thanks for the short writeup..hope the contest mendapat sambutan.. :) well as i wrote in my contest mechanics, boleh je write in either BM or BI.. bro tulis je la dgn cara kesesuaian bro.. i think BM have no problem at all.. since the international bloggers semuanya write in BI so i think malaysian bloggers kena kasi kepelbagaian sket,baru menarik..hehe

    hope to have u join soon! have a good weekend!

    ENVEEUS.COM First Contest!

  2. nice.. thanks for the info! nak join.. :)

  3. hohohoo eyriqazz pon dah join dah!!

  4. huhu..kalau Iman join, sure Sya tak boleh menang..huhu...anyway, Sya dah lama tak join contest. Dapat tahu pasal contest ni dari blog GTO ni. Thanks for the info. Ingat nak join juga lah, InsyaAllah.


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