March 27, 2011

7 Interesting Places to Visit in Selangor

I love travelling. One of the best State to travel in Malaysia is Selangor as it has many interesting places to visit. I wanna share my personal experience, 7 Interesting Places to Visit in Selangor based on my personal experience joining MySelangorStory 2010 . Special thanks to Tourism Selangor and MySelangorStory  for this entry :

1) I-City, Shah Alam

I-City Shah Alam, City of Digital light. You will be amuse with the wonderful light at night. I have been here 3 times and i think i'm gonna visit this place again.
Love it, Enjoy it, and Gonna will surely visit I-City again
Alisya dance at I-City, Shah Alam. 

2nd time Alisya came to I-City Shah Alam and the experience is priceless.With the introduction of SnowWalk, this place is a must visit in Selangor.

2) Genting Highlands
Situated both in Pahang & Selangor
Genting Highlands Theme Park
Dazzle Show, Ummm,Speechless...
Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm

This place is not just famous for gambling, but you can go to theme Park, Picking strawberry, watching amazing show, and sightseing. My wife really love Genting Highlands and every year, surely i bring her here.

3) Hutan Lipur Kanching

A nice place to bring your family and feel calm watching the panoramic view. 
Ohh, Quite Jealous. Last time I don't have a chance to Swim as we just drop by to have Our lunch here

4) Kampung Kuantan Fireflies
The Experience Begin....

Some people called it the "Flashing Christmas trees" . There are not many places you can see the fireflies. It is once in a lifetime experience, and i still unsure whether the future generation will still have a chance to experience watching fireflies at night.

5) Satay Hut Tanjung Karang
Feel the different and surely you want it more...

Food. Selangor offered a lot of places to enjoy delicious food and one of it is Satay Hut Tanjung Karang. My personal opinion, this satay taste better than the ''famous Satay Kajang"
6) Haji Dorani Homestay
Can You find this kind of experience in the Big City i.e. KL? Nah, never happened in my life...

Kuda Kepang Dance

I can't describe the experience with word. The hospitality, the places that surrounding by paddy field, the food, and the culture really amused me. A must visit place if you wanna feel the experience living in village.

7) Sunway Lagoon
My Water Moments at Sunway Lagoon
My Daughter really Love the experience at Sunway Lagoon

This place is always packed with many people especially on weekend/public holiday. I Love bring my family & having fun at Sunway Lagoon as there are a lot of interesting places to visit such as Water Park, WildLife Park, and Amusement Park. Further info check it out here : Sunway Lagoon Official Website

& Sunway Pyramid
The Room in Hotel Pyramid Tower, Sunway

Most women love shopping.Bring your love one/urself to this place. Other than shopping there are variety of things you can do here such as watching movies, ice skating, enjoying food in many restaurant or staying at the nearby Hotel.

Feel free to visit Tourism Selangor website to see other interesting places to visit in Selangor. I live in KL for almost five years but until now, so many interesting places that i never get a chance to visit in Selangor.

One of the Best Moment in My Life, Won Most Interactive Blog For MySelangorStory 2010

Come to Selangor and experience the wonderful journey
Feel the different with this State and City
Interesting & Amazing places will make you happy
Bring  the experience home and share your Story
-Sharing Is Caring, Sharing Is Beauty-

This blog post was written for the purpose of joining IMASTravel  Blogging contest

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  1. Teringin nak pergi iCity dengan kampuang kuantan fireflies. nampak menarik. dah lama tak tengok kelip kelip. hehehe

    *dah vote. GOOD LUCK :)

  2. thanks for sharing, banyak lagi tempat tak pi ni, anyway all the best

  3. paling best bila tgk kamera tngkap gambar dlm air.. huhuhu

  4. wahhh banyak jugak ekk tempat2 menarik di selangor...dalam banyak2 tempat tue hanya sunway pyramid jerrr pernah jejak...

  5. wahhh banyak jugak ekk tempat2 menarik di selangor...dalam banyak2 tempat tue hanya sunway pyramid jerrr pernah jejak...

  6. sunway lagoon belum pernah sampai lagi..

  7. For sure plenty of places to visit and see, I myself have not to some.

  8. ~erm~
    abg eryqaz,
    satay tu kat area mana ek??
    seyesly interested...


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