December 10, 2009

Congrats! You're an MBP Contributor!‏

I have been selected as MBP Contributor

I just received a very good news a few days ago from Puan Ros a.k.a. LittleMama (founder of MBP- MomBloggersPlanet) as I have been selected as MBP Contributor from more than 30 peoples that apply for it. Thanks Little Mama for choosen me as one of the MBP Contributor and give me the opportunity to share my views, thought, tips, and passion in life.It gave me a new platform for me to express myself and share with others the experience I gain in life.

I know,I know,it might sound weird that a guy want to be a contributor for a blog that specifically focus on a mother/mum but I take it on positive side as I think I can share the view from man/husband/father point of view so as we can have both side of the stories.Other than me, Ustaz Cahaya is the other male blogger than has been choosen as MBP Contributor.Congratz Ustaz Cahaya.

I'm still new with blogging world but I am not afraid to try a new things.I also do not afraid to join a blogging contest that offered a lot of attractive prizes.Winning or losing, at least I already try my best.Being a new blogger does not mean that you can't achieve what other/experience bloggers get from blogging such as :

1)Financial Reward ( i.e. Nuffnang )
-I already received My 1st Cheque from Nuffnang after two months registered with Nuffnang.

2)Win a Blogging Contest
-Nothing is impossible.If you did not try, you will never know what you have or luck you may get.I did not win many prizes/grand prizes via blogging but at least I already won a few prizes via blogging contest such as Project Alpha Contest (3rd and 4th Prize), Pimp My Broadband Contest (Consolidation Prize worth more than RM500), Premiere Screening ( Law of Abiding Citizen and 2012) and recently invitation to Mister Potato Fiesta 2009.

3)A platform to express yourself and get to know other bloggers

4)Your entry being one of the Most Popular Post ( i.e. in Innit )

As at 10pm 9/12/09

5)Other good and bad things from blogging.It is not always good and sweet.Sometimes you will received a bad comments or people try to let you down.Anyway,just ignore it and go with the positive attitude.

I also want to share a few tips for a new bloggers (from a new blogger) :

1)Be yourself.It is normal if your unique visitors go up and down every day.Write an entry that you know and like best .

2)Do not write your entry too long (forgive me again if this entry is too long) .People nowadays are quite busy with their life.Make it simple and easier to understand.One of the good examples is Kennysia (top blogger),he tend to put more interesting pictures in his blog + humour but with a lot of information and make people interested to read more.Yes,I know that my blog is still not interesting enough but at least I already try my best to gain more visitors to my blog(I only have less than 100 visitors in the first week since I registered with Nuffnang but it increase steadily from month to month).Thanks again to all the visitors especially a loyal readers.

3)If you are a Nuffnangers, do not forget a simple things such as update your survey accordingly i.e. :
-How often you update you blog (more often can attract more visitors unless you are a very good and popular blogger such as Kennysia.Look at Redmummy or BeautifulNara,I think they write more than 2 entries per day)
-Your group reader (It will be weird if you choose your blog reader is >50 years but the advertising company want to promote a baby product, latest handphone , Insurance, or new movies)

P/s : Do not afraid of trying.You will never know what you are capable of if you did not try it first.If you lose or people don't like your blog, at least you already try you best!!Good Luck to All.Sharing is Caring (Thanks to Melromeo as I extract this phrase from his blog)


  1. Eyriqazz,
    I'm still not sure about NUffnang. I want to register too but quite sceptical about it since I'm also sceptical about MLM. can you write something that can convince people like me? thanks

  2. Salam,
    I'm quite sceptical about earning your income from Nuffnang. Can you write something to convince people like me? thanks

  3. congrats lagi...wah berderet2 congrats nih..hehe

  4. congrtas! ;)

    nak tanye la.. kalo kite wat entry khas utk any ads yg muncul dlm blog kite, acc nuffnang akan b'tambah x?

  5. Tips yang amat berguna akan dipraktikkan dengan sebaik mungkin..thanks bro

  6. "2)Do not write your entry too long"

    terasa :D

  7. Sharinginfoz :Terima kasih

    Nur,Nura,Nurad,Yani : Umm,how to convince lagi ye?ble kasi e-mail?nanti saya e-mailkan print screen maybank2u saya.

    Precious :Thanks

  8. Nizaa:Thanks,berderet2 lagi tu...thanks,thanks,again...

    Areleez :Thanks.Entry khas?Umm,rasanya tak kot..tapi kalau nak confirmation ble contact nuffnang,cepatje diorang balas.

    JAI :Sama2la berkongsi kan?JAI confirm pi Mister Potato Fiesta ke?

  9. Cik Epal :Exception for u...u dah ramai follower n loyal reader..u tulis sepanjang mana pun org still akan baca...pendekpun org lagi suka bace..hehehe...

    Si budak Aboi :Terima kasih...

  10. you go man!!

    mencik aaah..jelesnyee...
    dua bulan dah cenggintu..

  11. Nur,Nura,Nurad,Yani :Check dah clear.U ble hantar tweeter kat I atau leavekan mesej,Nuffnang mmg bleh dipercayai.

    yus :U pun ble...

    m.haziqhanif : Terimakasih..Good Luck to u too..


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