April 30, 2010

I Love This Poem

Getting rich quick seems to be the latest craze
Among the young who are in the chase
To accumulate wealth in great haste
With the obsession to win the rat race

Share options, direct selling, whatever your taste
Instant experts will guide you through the maze
And help you achieve great wealth at a heady pace
Of course each one thinks he is the true ace

Before we all become to hazed
By the stories they tell to amaze
About the millionaire who lives in exclusive place
Driving the S Class Mercedes with a beaming face

Don’t forget those who invested in the wrong place
Through greed and reckless purchase
They lost everything in great disgrace
With regret that their trust was misplaced

True wealth is building a foundation phase by phase
Having genuine products that are highly praised
Constantly serving others better in every case
Building good character as your showcase

Adopting constant improvement as the catchphrase
True wealth is noble values we embrace
The joy of others that we help raise
And extending kindness as our true grace

Source : Poem by Dr Victor S L Tan in Personal Money Magazines, April 2010 Edition


  1. best poem tuh..sungguh bermakna..

  2. ayat yg digunakan biasa je, tp poem jadik cunnnn! :D

  3. yep..nice poem..so,kalo nak bersenang-lenang pun kena laa dari bawah dan buat dgn penuh kesbaran..xmau la main kotor..sabar dan ikhlas!^_^

  4. haha, siyes aku suka. bukan senang beb nak kaya. usaha kene ada, ilmu kene ada, modal pon kene


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