July 22, 2011

K-Pop Hitz Talent Show Grand Finale|Malaysia's First K-Pop Talent Show

Info : Hitz TV’s K-Pop Talent Hitz show is having its grand finale is happening this Sunday!  July 24 at Bentley Music, Wisma Bentley. Hosted by Jehan Miskin, the final will knock your socks off, promising six of the best talents rocking out from across the nation:  Seremban boys Ruffneckz; all-girl group Dawn’s Arch, the one and only solo dancer, Kwan; E.G.S Monsters dancing their way from Johor Bahru,  quintet Chrome L and the most experienced of the finalists, 32-year-old Zain!"

Any bloggers yang berminat nak join event ini, bolehla e-mailkan details anda ke iman1237@hotmail.com sebelum pukul 1 petang hari ini....First come, first serve...Ohh, eyriqazz tak pergi, time ni eyriqazz akan berada di Sabah. Just tolong sampaikan mesej dari pihak penganjur @ Astro


  1. fuiyooo... gi sabah dah eh... yeeehaaa.. selamat2.. K-Pop ni best ke? hehehehe
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  2. i kompem pergi bro.. tp tak sure lagi baper org.. thanks for the invitation..


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