September 15, 2009

Pimp My Broadband

Hii,my name is Alisya.I dedicated this writing to my beloved "Papa" and Digi. Recently,Papa always not in a good mood and stay at his computer for a few hours a day.I just worried that Papa might have a problem and don't want to share it with anyone.However,as a loving/cute daughter, i just keep quiet and behave properly. Nobody know that i have a "special" power that whenever Papa kiss me, I will know what Papa was thinking but i don't tell it to anyone especially Mama as i don't want her be worry too.

Do you want to know the secret?Yup, I'm gonna tell you today.However, you must promise me that you will vote for me for "Pimp my Broadband" contest by Digi at (under my Papa name : Nor Iman Bin Nazuki) and just give a thumb up to my entry so I will win a prize for my beloved Papa. Last night, Papa kiss me (100 times,as usual)  and I used my ''special power'' . Something bothering papa and he really upset with it.
Are you OK papa?

I looked at papa eyes.His eyes is almost turned red.He really upset with our broadband service provider. This is not the first time this problem happened.Papa was having this problem since i was not born yet.No wonder Papa  need to surf the internet at home for more than an hour per day .It takes quite a long time for papa to load the pages, download his favourite "Naruto Manga", update his blog, read online newspaper,pay bills online and etc. Papa has reported this problem to SKMM before and it turns ok for a few months but this problem surface again.Poor Papa,i wish i can help him to get a better broadband internet connection to save his time to surf the internet and resulting more times he can spend with me.I really like Papa sing and "dodoi" me.It really feel good.
Flush,flush,flush it away!!
Papa reported this problem to SKMM for the 2nd time this month.The respond Papa got quite fast.They (service provider) called and e-mail papa for the instruction/how to solve the problem.They asked papa to do the following step :
  1. Jangan guna "splitter"/"micro filter"/mesin faks/"lightning protector".  (DONE)
  2. Membuat sambungan terus dari modem ke soket dinding (Tanpa "parallel line"). (DONE)
  3. "Flush" DNS (Domain Name Server). (DONE)
  4. All the other steps as provided (ALL DONE)
Fuhh,flush,flush it away and make our internet connection getting better.They gave a link how to check the connection.See the picture below for the result :

Result : i wish Papa don't cry...

The result is really bad.Papa was really mad and angry.Papa kept saying those 4 letters word (I don't know what it mean actually) after seen the result. The download speed is less than 40% than the maximum speed Papa subscribed e year ago (384kbps for download/128kbps for upload .(The service provider informed him that the average/acceptable speed in 70-80% from the maximum speed).Pity Papa,you deserve better than this.

Cool Down Papa....Enjoy your sleep

Voila, Papa is soo upset that night, turn off the pc, speak to me and fall asleep.Look at Papa, even he was sleeping,  he still show his angry face.I have to pat him to cool him down.Be Cool papa,I thought you watch Be Cool movie for a few times already?.It quite good actually as i can spend a quality time with papa.

So,please,please Digi and all the readers,please vote for me.If I win, Papa will get a new broadband from Digi.I wish it will be better than our current service provider.This is the little and smallest things i can do for my beloved Papa.I love Papa very much and if i win, I promise you two things :
 1st : I will make Papa and Mama smile always

2nd : Try to make everyone around me in a good mood and happy always.

So girls and guys,don't forget to vote for me at  (under my Papa name : Nor Iman Bin Nazuki). What is a greater gift than make the people your love "Be Happy". I love you Papa,don't forget to dodoi me again tonite.


  1. Great entry :) Heard this contest is giving bloggers a nice amount of site traffic. Hope you are getting good traffic as well :)

  2. Chong Wee @ Friedbeff : Thanks

  3. Hi eyriqazz,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Congrats to you too for winning the digipimpmybroadband contest. Let's hope we have a better broadband now!

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