December 7, 2009

Invitation to Mister Potato Fiesta 2009‏

Should I attend it?I just open my e-mail after returning from PD trip and received and e-mail from Nuffnang :

Dear Nuffnanger,

You're now officially invited to the Mister Potato Fiesta 2009!!

Mister Potato Fiesta 2009

2 (TWO) invites have been reserved under your Full name and Email address. Kindly confirm your attendance to the Mister Potato Fiesta by sending an email to by 12pm, 11 Dec 2009. Failure to confirm your attendance by the stipulated time will result in your invites being revoked and pass to other bloggers.

The winners from the online blogging contest and the No 1 Mister Potato Man will be announced in the event itself. That means a total of RM20,000 will be given out during the event! Make sure you attend the Fiesta because you may be the lucky winners for the cash prizes!

Apart from that, expect performance from Hujan and lots of fun as we'll bring you through a night of games with various attractive prizes for participants. Do come along dressed in Mexican theme clothes and enjoy the party and let us take care of your the food and beverages for the night.

Confirm your attendance as soon as possible as we look forward to see you at the Mister Potato Fiesta 2009 on the 19 Dec!

Blogger Relations Department
Nuffnang Sdn Bhd

My mother in law will come during that time.I know the chances for me of winning this contest is low, but if i win, it will be a great loss as the prizes is quite attractive.What do u guys think?Should I attend it?Is there any chance i can win with this entry :

No Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009

Appreciate any feedback...


  1. YOu got invite too! I also going haha!

  2. u should go there!

  3. pegi jer la..lagipun berapa jam jer kan...

  4. hmmmm, chance does not always come.....

  5. gi la. tuah ayam nampak di kaki, tuah kamu siapa tahu. eceh. good luck ya! :)

  6. salam..tahniah dapat jadi MBP contributor(wakil kaum bapa hehe)..btw me also minat GTO, in fact sy ada kucing nama Onizuka(short form Oni) :)

  7. Bro Eyriqazz, you should go! Im going hehe.. Ala just for few hours. my entry lagi biase dari yours. tapi mana tahu our luck kan?

  8. Jimmy T : Congratz to u too

    Kenwooi : Thanks for feedback.Need to discuss with my wife.

    Rabiatul Adawiyah/Ghostone/Noorlaila/Sharinginfoz/nizaa :Thanks for the feedback too.

  9. ween :Wah2,betul gak tu.tapi,mak mertua dtg .takkan nak tinggalkan diorang mlm tu?

    Hernee Nazir :Thanks for the feedback

    Melz :Huhu,mmg nak pi cuma....hehehe,kesian la mak mertua i the way,kalau i nak pi mana ble cari baju mexico tu ye?

    Areleez :thanks

    Nurmala :thanks

    zack :boleh aja,tapi kalaula saya menang,melepas la..hadiah tempat ketiga pun RM2 ribu rasanya..

    Catlinafly :terimakasih.Ye,wakil kaum bapa.lagipun blog mombloggerstu menarik.blela saya menyumbang apa yang termampu..

  10. Salam bro,boleh jumpa kat sana..gua pun dpt invitations gua mgkin gi sorang..wife tak dpt gi pasal jaga anak2..waaa..gua tak mengharap sangat menang coz entry simple jerr..kenwoii,meet u there..

  11. JAI : Blom decide lagi nak pi tak.Kalau pi ble jumpa u...blela bawa org lain,ajakla blogger2 lain yg berminat.

    Lovely Emy : COngratz to u..I really want to go...huhuhu...

    JIJI : MIl?Isteri ke?

  12. hye hye..u should go sbb klu pegi boleh jumpe sy..hee~~ i also got the invitation to Mister Potato Fiesta.

    see you there!!


  13. tau2..senang jek klu nk buat ala2 mexican nie..jimat lagi..lelaki senang sgt...

    pakai baju kemeja kotak-kotak.then jeans.make sure tuck-in. then pakai topi koboi & kat leher,ikat handkerchief yang bunge2 tu. bukan bunge2 girlish tp die mcm corak-corak nmpk mcm bunge..kasut tu, pakai kasut kulit. colour chocolate. so, dh nmpk mcm koboi dah.. serius best!!! klu ade tali untuk naik kude tu bonus..pegang jek spnjang fiesta..

    neway, nk tanye, after dpt invitation email kat dorang kan utk confirm kan..dorang dh reply ke email u??

  14. pegi ke tak??? jumpa anda di sana... hehehe


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