February 28, 2012

KIX HD & Celestial Movies HD On Astro HD Channels

ASTRO is pleased to announce the launch of two (2) new High Definition (HD) channels on 1st March 2012 .

 KIX HD (channel 729 , ASTRO), an action-packed channel showcasing the best of action, including mixed martial arts (MMA) tournaments, action series, movies, reality shows with a late-night block of thrilling movies, and : 

Celestial Movies HD (channel 309, ASTRO), a world-class Chinese movie channel offering the latest Chinese blockbusters and other hit Asian movies first and exclusively in Malaysia.  With the newly added KIX HD and Celestial Movies HD channels, ASTRO B.yond HD customers will now have access to a total of 18 HD channels.

Credit : Astro Press Release..

P/s : Ohh, i wish i have more time watching tv and enjoy my favourite show...


  1. saya FIRST!!! nak ASTRO FIRST!!! yeaaaahhhh

  2. Tahniah ASTRO.. makin mengorak langkah ke hadapan.. :)

  3. alangkah bahagianya andai dapat diperuntukkan masa untuk menyaksikan semua cerita hebat itu...

  4. aduh balik rumah semalam astro kena block lupa bayar.. hampeh betul.. so tak dapat nak layan HD ni.. hehehe


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