December 19, 2009


Dear GSH,

Re : Unsatisfy /feel cheated with your actions


Firstly, let me introduce myself. We living under the same roof and we are supposed to buy the above property from you. After waiting for more than 6 months we received really a bad news from your agent (CNF from MRSB).

I took all the words gave by CNF as granted and we sent this letter to let you know how unhappy/angry us with your actions/attitude.

We are really angry!!

As we told CNF earlier, we already looking around for the property for more than a year and my wife really like your property even I convince her than this transaction might not go through as I already feel something went amiss when you refuse even to sign the letter of intent to purchase.

To cut the story short, one day before the promise date (15/8/09), we received the news from lawyer and CNF that you are unable to proceed with your property in Kepong as you are unable to obtain the Land Title from Land Office and the S&P already expired. CNF informed us that u need time and ask us to wait for another 6 months pending for you to find a new property. We told CNF that we are willing to wait even 1 year as my wife is really like your property.

However, after the budget 2010 announce, CNF told us that you want to cancel the transaction due to real estate property gain. I told CNF that we are willing to bear for the cost .However; CNF told us that you don’t want to sell because you might want to sell later at much higher price. We are quite surprise with your dishonesty. We really feel cheated and feel that you just want to find a good excuse to cancel the transaction.

What I thought earlier really true and you are really a greedy person. First, I told CNF that we want to tell this story in the internet together with your name,IC No, and property name but after a few days and a cool down, I think we are not going to do it as it only waste a time and smearing your name will do nothing to us but only hatred. However, we still write this letter to tell you what we feel.

We are not only have to start all over again to find a new property which is really hard to find now in TMC, have to bear the penalty fees (more than 2K, still negotiating with the bank), emotional effect, and waste a lot of our time and opportunity to buy a home. If last time we go through with our second choice, we already can live in our own property and not renting anymore.

However, I believe and trust that what goes around goes around. What you did to us we wish that one day somebody will do it to you. What make us angrier is you did not even have a courtesy to come to us and say sorry even we are living under the same block.

We pray to the God everyday and wish that:

1) You will never get RM40K that you pay to your previous seller
2) You will unable to sell this property at any price in the future
3) You won’t find you new property. Even you find it, you will get cheated like you cheat us
4) You will never feel happy living in that property
5) It will never be the same again for your property. I wish and pray that your roof will leak almost every week, pest infection, and many more.

If all those things/some of what we wish came true, I hope you will remember the day that you betray and cheat us and wish that you are not too greedy. May All Our Wish come true as we trust that the pray of the betray people will be fulfilled by God.


Your supposed to be Buyer
@Feel Cheated
@Your Gave empty promise

P/s :Please pray for me too and wish that nobody will be cheated by this person again.


  1. terkejut betul muka kucing tu!

  2. meo :Life tak suck..pengalaman mematangkan kehidupan.

    Si budak aboi :thanks.takpelah,takdecrezeki

    zella :Terkejut?hihihi...

  3. Hello, as you can see this is my first post here.
    Hope to receive some assistance from you if I will have some quesitons.
    Thanks in advance and good luck! :)

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  5. whats up everyone

    just signed up and wanted to say hello while I read through the posts

    hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.

  6. What's up

    It is my first time here. I just wanted to say hi!


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