October 31, 2009

October 2009 Special Entry

This is my special Entry for October 2009 :

The Reddish Redmummy (Won 3rd Place for Project Alpha Blogging Contest Week 3)


P/s :Among those entries,which one you think is my best entry and why?Leave your feedback if you want me to write something that you want/interested  ( I have a background working as ex-Recovery Officer in X Bank, father, husband, and normal people).Maybe I can share it in the next entry.

Jalan-jalan di Putrajaya

2 minggu lepas, emak,nenek,adik-adikku ,dan sepupuku datang KL.Adik perempuan ku booking Apartment di Putrajaya.Khas untuk kakitangan kerajaan.Inilah pemandangan dari Apartment di Putrajaya tersebut (tingkat 14) :

Masjid Putrajaya

Jambatan Putrajaya

So far,oklah juga Kuarters Kerajaan ni cuma ianya tidak dijaga dengan betul.Yerlah,sampaikan kusyen di ruang tamu pun hilang,2 katil single rotan (setiap bilik/ada 3 bilik), dan tempat nak sidai tuala pun tiada.Setakat nak tidur oklah.Cuma Rm50 semalam.Camne nak booking?Untuk staff kerajaan,boleh booking di laman web ni : www.bph.gov.my

Sempat semalam je di Putrajaya kerana mak dan nenek ada hal di kampung.Jadi kami tak sempat pusing Putrajaya mana dan kami pi Nilai pagi tu.Boleh tahan,barang-barang di situ,murah-murah.Kami sempatlah memborong seratus dua ( tikar buluh, frame , dan baju-baju).

Petangtu baru sempat singgah di Masjid di Putrajaya dan bergambar di depan Bangunan Kerajaan.Apa nama bangunan ni ye?

Alamak,Putri takde.Nenek dia dah dukung bawa jalan-jalan ke Masjid Putrajaya

Sebenarnya byk tempat/aktiviti menarik untuk dikunjungi di Putrajaya,tapi atas masa yang tidak mengizinkan ,kami tak sempat pergi.Antaranya :

1)Naik Cruise Putrajaya
2)Jalan-jalan dan Shopping di Alamanda
3)Makan di Kampung Warisan (yangni kami sempat).Kat sini ABC dia memang sedap.Sate kajang pun ada dijual disini.Mee hun/Mee sup dia pun boleh tahan.
4)Apa lagi ye?

P/s :Please vote for me for 2012 Contest at http://2012.com.my/default.asp?preselpid=163 .If i win, I will organize more contest with more interesting prize to my readers.

October 30, 2009

Why Project Alpha are So Popular and Successful?

Project Alpha - Uncovering Malaysia Top Bloggers.The clock is ticking so fast and the show already in the final week .The show is really a success and popular from my point of view.

Credit to Nuffnang : Project Alpha is Malaysia’s first online TV Show about bloggers. It is a fast paced, fast cut, lifestyle-driven show tailor made for the online market which provides increased recognition of the expanding role and influence of bloggers across the nation.

Why Project Alpha are so popular and  successful?This is my theory,observation and review after watching the Project Alpha myself.The reasons are :

1)It has been organized by Nuffnang

Nuffnang.com is Asia-Pacific’s first and leading blog advertising community.The blogging community is quite huge in Malaysia now.Their ads are seen on 100,000 blogs by 3 million people daily.It quite a big amount and quite a success.No wonder,the main sponsor Adidas Action 3 choose Nuffnang to promote their product via Project Alpha Blogging Contest.

2)The main sponsor is  Adidas Action 3

The Product speak for itself.As the tagline for Adidas Action 3 goes ''Adidas Best Defence Against Sweat With Triple Action".I really like this product,I fall in love with this product when i bought my first Adidas Action 3 deodorant this month.The smell is really nice and good.My wife and daughter really like it.The triple action are 1)helps block pesperation, 2) keeps your fresh and 3)dry max system to absorb extra wetness.

Adidas is one of the most popular brand name in the world.They are sponsoring a lot of popular team/people/item such as Official FIFA World Cup Supplier, David Beckham, Chelsea Team (my favourite team), Kaka, Selangor FC , Los Angeles Galaxy, Lionel Messi , England Cricket Team , and the long list go on.

And just recently they are sponsoring the prize that I won for Project Alpha  Blogging Contest Week 3 and 4.Wow,the prize is quite good.I never  had so much body care product in my life.Thanks Adidas Action 3.Adidas Action 3 will also send me in a date with Jojo Struys ,host of Project Alpha,to Chelsea,UK to watch an English Premier League game as a winner for Grand Prize Project Alpha winner (haha,I wishh!!).Please let me go and let me win as I really love to watch  English Premier League Games.I also don't want to miss once in a lifetime opportunity to watch my favourite team play in UK.I  already watched the Champion League game at Manchester United stadium before but I never have the opportunity to watch an English Premier League Games live.

3)Other sponsor as well

The other sponsor including Ministry of Sound as Official Venue Sponsor, Rimmel of London as Official Make Up Sponsor, Sunway Lagoon as official Location Sponsor, Hitz FM as Official Media Partner and not to forget Nuffnang as official blog partner.A lot of people will watch the Project Alpha as many people follow the blog under Nuffnang and the prize offered by other sponsors is quite good as well such as ticket to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, Rimmel London Make up (my wife really like it), Montagne Jeuneese Pack , Pyramid Ice ticket and many more.

4)Featured Bloggers

The featured bloggers is really unique, success, and popular in their own way.Their style of writing is really good, easy to understand and make us interested to read it more.Some of them can reach more than 1 million visitor in one month (what a great achievement).Choosing the featured bloggers is a really important factor for Project Alpha success and i think they are making the right decision of choosing them.I gave my own nickname to them  which are 1)The traveller Sixthseal 2 and 3) The Rival and Gossip BeautifulNara and Budiey 4)The Beautiful Nicolekiss 5)The Reddish Redmummy , 6) The Cute Fourfeetnine and 7) The Hilarious and Most Entertain Kennysia (Congratz of winning Nuffnang Award,you really deserve it and make Malaysia proud)

5) The Host

 The host for Project Alpha Show is the beautiful and gorgeous Jojo Struys .No need to elaborate more,I already explain it during my previous entry why the host play and important factor for the success of Project Alpha.You can refer the entry here : The Cheerful Project Alpha .Congratulation Jojo,you are really making Project Alpha show interesting to watch.

6)It is a Reality Show

People in Malaysia especially really like Reality Show.Some of the most successful and popular reality show are : Akademi Fantasia, The Amazing Race, The Apprentice, Sehati Berdansa, Raja Lawak , American Idol and etc.Reality show also produce a fenomena and popular artist such as Nabil, Mawi, and Saiful Apek.All of them at least has won once for the Most Popular Artist in Malaysia.What a great achievement ,so by producing reality show in Project Alpha, it really make a Project Alpha a huge success and popular.

7)Support by bloggers

Last but not least, The Project Alpha has been supported by the bloggers.They are entering the contest and at the same time promoting Project Alpha as well.Word of mouth or word of blogger is really a powerful tools nowadays.If not , why a lot of popular artist and politician create their own blog such as Aznil Haji Nawawi,Dr Mahathir Mohamad (ex Malaysia Prime Minister) and Linda Onn.It goes hand in hand, by winning the Project Alpha, the popularity of the blogger especially a new blogger (like me) also increase as well after winning the Project Alpha.Myself for example,after winning the Project Alpha,my unique visitor per day increase dramatically compare to the last month before I enter/won the Project Alpha.Thanks to Project Alpha,you gave us a platform to share our view and thought.Maybe one day I will become Featured Blogger for Project Alpha Season......      .Wish Me Luck....

To wrap it up, the Project Alpha is really a success and popular. I wish there will be a Project Alpha again next year.Really enjoy watching it and it really encourage me to start blogging actively and share my passion in life.

I also want to recommend you to this product.I already try it myself and I really like it.My wife also like it as this product is not only for men.Women can use this product as well :

Adidas Action 3, the Best Defence Against Sweat with Triple Action.

There are a variety of product you can choose from including Hair & Body Wash, Daily Cleanser, Daily Protect ,Shoe Refresh, and many more.So,what are you waiting for?Let's go to the supermarket and Buy It.We Must Choose It !!(Kita Mesti Pilih)

Last but not least, wish me luck and hopefully I will win the Grand Prize.7 is my lucky number.My wife birthday is in July.This is week 7, and the Project Alpha has 7 featured bloggers and I already told you 7 reasons why Project Alpha are so Popular and Successful.I think I deserve a grand prize after a few attempts and winning the 3rd,4th,Consolidation Prize, and it is time for me to win the Grand Prize.Hehehe,Good Luck to myself....

October 29, 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

Life is Beautiful. You should enjoy your life to the fullest and appreaciate what you have in your life.Be yourself,respect others and do your part to make our world a better world for everyone.Be Happy and plan your life so you won't regret what you have done in the past and what you will do in the future.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.Its meaning is that without time off from work, a person becomes bored and boring.So,once in a while you should treat yourself.Go for vacation, bought yourself a present or do anything that you like.

I would like to share My Top 5 Treat List which is what I have treated myself in the past and what i I wish to treat myself in the future.Here goes the list  :

1)Vacation/Ski Trip in Scotland

One of the best treat I treated myself in my life.It was really an enjoyable vacation and good experience playing ski.It was so cold but it did not stop me to play it until we (the group) are the last person  left the ski field/mountain that day.Anyway,who said  it was easy to make a snowman?Try it yourself and you will know what I mean.I really miss this moment.

2)Honeymoon in Pulau Langkawi

Who said Malaysia don't have a good place to go?I never regret go to Pulau Langkawi for our honeymoon.There are many interesting place we can visit in Pulau Langkawi such as Pulau Dayang Bunting,Langkawi Cable Car,Telaga Panas,Crocodile Farm, duty free shop(yey,cheap chocolate!! and batik), and many more.It was the first time also I drove the car since i got my license and until now i can't change the habit that I started in Pulau Langkawi which is drive an automatic car with two legs.Haha,I don't care much as long I can arrive at my destination on time.

3)A new Condominium

We need a roof and nice place to live right?I just bought my own condo situated near to my/wife workplace and it will be completed in 2011.I can't wait to live in our own house and renovate it as well.What a better way to treat yourself than buying your dream house?Hopefully, it will be completed in time.

4)Vacation in Pulau Sipadan

Really jealous when watching nicolekiss during Project Alpha Show did the scuba diving there.It look so fun and enjoyable.Pulau Sipadan is one of the most beautiful island in Malaysia.I never go to any island in Malaysia except Pulau Pinang and Pulau Langkawi.Hopefully,within 3 years time I can visit Pulau Sipadan and enjoy a nice and enjoyable vacation there.

5)Dell Inspiron 13 Laptop

 Dell Inspiron 13 Laptop,even when I am sleeping ,I am dreaming about this beautiful gadget.This is my wish/next treat  that I want to get this year.I really like to own a brand new laptop that met my requirement especially since i start blogging seriously for the past few month.

Why the Dell Inspiron 13 Laptop is my next treat list ?

1st of all all, I really need this cool gadget as I have a new hobby now which is blogging.After winning a few blogging contest held by Nuffnang , I really want to continue with this enjoyable hobby.The only problem is I don't have a very good computer so as I can blog with ease and faster to write an entry.Other reasons are :

1)Don't judge a book by it cover.However, only by looking at it cover, I really felt in love with Dell Inspiron 13 Laptop.It was so beautiful and look really good for me.I really like the Obsidian Black colour or Cherry Red is really suite for my wife.I can gave it to her for our Anniversary Present next month.It is like 2 in 1 present.I give a wonderful present to my wife,make her happy and I still can use this laptop right?

2)This is really a cool feature.Now, I can stay connected with my friends and family .It is a millenium world and a nice and cool gadget with great features will enhance and make my life more enjoyable.

3)13.3 inches, to be exact. Plus the 16:9 widescreen format means that I never have to squint or lean up close to use the Inspiron 13. Wow,impressive.I just planning to buy spectacles as it was pretty tiring looking at my monitor screen.With this feature i think i do not need to bother about buying the spectacles anymore.

4)The other feature includes the optional ATI Radeon™ HD 4330 graphics card, and hook up to a LCD TV using the one-cord HDMI connection to enjoy true high-definition cinematic experience.Now, i can watch my favourite movie at my home without hassle to go the cinema.Maybe the screen is not as big as cinema but the quality i think as good as cinema.Yey,looking forward to own this gadget.

5)Delivering 50% more performance, Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology lets you multitask at a whole different level.Now, I can blogging, surfing the internet, do my work without much hassle as it can processed at faster speed than i am using now (Normal Desktop PC)

6)Left Ports

7)And Also Right Ports.Nice,it will make easier for me to turn on my laptop and using other items such as connecting my pendrive to USB port, handphone, card reader and etc.

This 7 features is really good and great for me.Other that that,i really need this laptop as I currently using old desktop (>5 years to be exact,I am using it since my University day),always broke down,and need to be reformat almost once in three months.It really frustrated moment. As a user that depend heavily on the computer/laptop to do my job, blogging, surf internet and plan my life, Dell Inspiron 13 is the most wanted treat list that i want now. It can enhance, make my life easier and more enjoyable.

I wish that my my next treat will be fullfilled soon.If this treat came true :

 It will be one of the most enjoyable /happiest moment in my life.Let's dance together and wish for a good things in our life.With a great power come a great responsibities.With Dell Inspiron Laptop 13, my responsibilities will be organized/done as I can achieve my dream/plan faster.I already told you that I am using computer to plan my life right?Wish Me Luck.....

P/s :As a reward to my blog readers ,you can use this special coupon code 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3 from Dell that would allow you to make purchase of a Dell Inspiron 13 (S510701MY) with RM100 Instant Cash Redemption!!. This promotion is only available online or by calling Dell at 1800-88-0301. This coupon code expires on 10th Nov 2009. So,what are you waiting for?Go and grab this deal.The clock is ticking.

October 27, 2009

Komenku Pasal Bajet 2010

Ramai orang sedang sibuk bercakap pasal Bajet 2010.Ni sedikit ringkasan menarik mengenai Bajet 2010 dari blog sharinginfoz :

Ringkasan Bajet 2010/Summary of Budget 2010

Aku taknak komen lebih pasal budgetni,hanya nak berkongsi + dan - untukku dan keluarga melalui Bujet 2010 ini :
  1. Pelepasan cukai pendapatan sebanyak RM500 setahun (2010-2012) bagi langganan broadband (+RM500,ishh penting broadbandni,result Pimpmybroadband Digi bila nak kluar ye?)
  2. Penjawat awam kini boleh memperoleh pinjaman komputer sebanyak RM5,000 setiap 3 tahun jika dibandingkan setiap 5 tahun sebelum ini (+ point untuk isteriku,tapi isteriku cakap susah nak buat pinjaman komputerni,banyak yang kena isi.Kalau tak,kenapa pinjaman komputer isteriku pakai pinjaman syarikatku?Hehehe...)
  3. Bermula 1 Januari 2010, kerajaan akan memperkenalkan service charge sebanyak RM50 setahun dan RM25 setahun bagi pemegang kad kredit utama dan tambahan. Ini bagi mengalakkan perbelanjaan secara berhemah. (-RM100, both aku dan isteri pakai satu kredit kad)
  4. Pelepasan individu bagi tujuan cukai pendapatan individu dinaikan daripada RM8,000 kepada RM9,000 setahun (+RM1,000)
  5. Pemberian saguhati kepada penjawat awam berjumlah RM500 dipanjangkan juga kepada semua penjawat awam gred 41 hingga gred 54 atau bersamaan dan juga kepada pesara jika dibandingkan sebelum ini hanya kepada staf kategori sokongan. Bayaran akan dibuat pada bulan Disember 2009(Dapat juga bonus isteriku,tahun lepas dah tak dpt)
Apa pandangan korang,Bajet tahun ni :

Cantik atau tak? (Ini adalah Ayam dan bukannya Anjing)

Umm,my wish list untuk Bajet 2011 nanti
  1.  Pelepasan Individu ke atas faedah pinjaman perumahan/kereta/peribadi. Menggalakkan orang ramai membeli kereta/rumah disamping keuntungan bank bertambah dan secara tidak langsung pendapatan cukai kerajaan turut bertambah
  2. Pelepasan Individu dinaikkan daripada RM9,000 kepada RM15,000 (tak banyakpun,lebih kurang RM1,250 je sebulan.Dekat KL ni banyak tu cukup untuk bayar sewa/pinjaman rumah,bil air/elektrik,dan bil telefon.
  3. 10% servis caj restoran tertentu seperti di Pizza Hut dimansuhkan.
  4. Servis caj kredit kad dimansuhkan untuk kredit kad pertama.Kredit kad dah macam keperluan sekarang ni.
  5. Kadar faedah daripada kredit kad daripada 18% setahun diturunkan kepada <10% setahun kepada pengguna yang membayar sekurang-kurangnya minimum payment tanpa gagal selama >1tahun.Pengguna yang baik dan kurang berisiko patut mendapat faedah yang lebihkan?
  6. Harga rokok dinaikkan 100% (hehehe,sorry perokok,saya tak suka rokok.Sebab rokokla ayah saya kena tibi dan bermacam-macam penyakit lain lagi)
  7. Pelepasan Individu ke atas pemberian wang kepada ibubapa.Sekarang ni hanya untuk perubatan sahaja.
  8. Ada sesiapa yang nak tambah?
P/s : Bajet 2010 negara sudah dikeluarkan.Bajet 2010 keluarga dan diri sendiri sudah disiapkan ke?Rancanglah perbelanjaan dan simpanan anda.Gagal merancang adalah merancang untuk gagal)

October 26, 2009

Project Alpha - BeautifulNara Terlampau

Project Alpha dah memasuki minggu keenam rasanya.Rasanya tidak perlulah saya memperkenalkan lagi kepada anda semua apa itu Project Alpha.Sekadar poster sudah cukup rasanya diperkenalkan di sini :

Project Alpha - Mempersembahkan penulis blog terkenal di Malaysia

Nukilan saya sebelum ini semuanya dalam bahasa Inggeris (minggu ke 3-5 iaitu The Reddish Redmummy , Project Alpha - The Cheerful Jojo Struys dan Project Alpha : The Favourites Part  ). Namun kali ini saya ingin mencipta satu kelainan.

Sempena Bulan Bahasa Kebangsaan 2009, saya akan menulis nukilan berkenaan Project Alpha di dalam Bahasa Melayu.Jadi,saya akan cuba untuk cuba menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu yang terbaik yang mampu saya lakukan. Sebab lain adalah kerana sepanjang minggu pertama sehingga ketiga,hanya seorang yang berjaya memenangi hadiah menulis berkaitan Project Alpha ini yang menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu.Jadi,saya ingin mencuba nasib saya pula kali ni.Bak kata pepatah, tuah ayam nampak di kaki,tuah manusia siapa yang tahu.

Kali ini saya akan menulis berkenaan BeautifulNara atau lebih tepat lagi secebis ulasan berkenaan BeautifulNara sepanjang ianya ditayangkan di Youtube dan http://www.hitz.fm/ .Saya akan turut selitkan soalan-soalan berbentuk kontroversi/gosip bersempena dengan tema blog BeautifulNara iaitu gosip/perkembangan artis terkini. Jadi,apa tunggu lagi?Saksikanlah ulasan saya berkenaan Beautiful Nara :

Episod 1

Jojo melawat BeautifulNara dirumahnya di Sungai Buloh.Cantik betul rumah BeautifulNara.Kalau anda nak tahu,rumah ini dibeli menggunakan pendapatan nya berblog di BeautifulNara.Berbaloi-baloi (Hehehe,Ini hanyalah tafsiran dan gosip yang direka oleh saya sendiri sahaja).Jangan marah ye Abang Nara?Nara diambil didalam bahasa Korea yang bermasuk negara.Jadi Beautifulnara bermaksud negara yang cantik.

Di sinilah tempat BeautifulNara menulis blognya.Katanya dia menulis blog nya di waktu malam (pukul 10 malam ke atas). Bukan mudah untuk berjaya,kalau tidak dipecahkan ruyung manakan dapat sagunya kan?Seperti kata ayah BeautifulNara,kadang-kadang BeautifulNara pukul 2 pagi pun belum tidur lagi menulis di blog nya.Syabas di atas komitmennya untuk pembacanya.Agak-agak kalau BeautifulNara langsung tidak mengemaskinikan blognya selama sebulan,adakah pelawat blognya akan masih setia dengannya?

Tips berguna daripada BeautifulNara untuk menjadi penulis blog yang berjaya dan terkenal : 1)Tulisla apa yang anda ingin tulis 2)Jangan terlalu skema dengan penulisan anda (tak marahke Utusan nanti bila nama Utusan disebut-sebut?) 3) Buatlah blog anda itu seronok untuk dibaca dan menarik .Apa yang seronok dibaca dan menarik selain menulis pasal gosip artis ya? Politik?Tak berminat.Peribadi?Dah ramai dah.Ekonomi?Bosan.Jadi apa ya?Seperti kata Bang Bil ''Lu Fikirlah Sendiri"

Episod 2

Terkejut Jojo Struys apabila diberitahu bahawa blog BeautifulNara mencecah 2.5 juta pengunjung bulan lepas.Banyak tu,lebih kurang 83,000 sehari.Saya sebulan nak cecah sebanyak itu pun susah.Inilah kuasa artis di Malaysia.Ramai pembaca yang meminati gosip/perkembangan artis.Agak-agak kalau keluar gosip mengenai kisah BeautifulNara terlampau atau BeautifulNara bakal kahwin dua sekaligus,mampu ke ianya mencapai bilangan pengunjung sehebat ini?Fikir-fikirkanlah...

Tahukah anda Abang Nara tidak begitu meminati kerjanya sekarang sebagai seorang akauntan?Jadi ,apa lagi ,nanti bila Abg Nara dah bersedia nak menjadi penulis blog sepenuh masa,bolehla minta Abang Nara cadangkan anda mengambil jawatannya sekarang.Mahu-mahu gaji akauntan pun RM5 ribu ++...Abang Nara,hasil pendapatan penulisan blog Abang Nara boleh kalahkan Redmummy tak?

Lagi Tips dari Beautifulnara : 1)Pastikan blog anda unik.Pilihla nama yang bersesuaian. 2)Tulisla di waktu malam (Nanti-nanti Abang Nara/Nazuwan dah kahwin senang ke nak menulis di waktu malam.Malam Jumaat macam mana?Ada ''entry tak''?)

Episod 3

Tergelak Jojo Struys bila ayah Abang Nara memberitahu bahawa Abang Nara begitu minat membaca.Sampaikan sambil makan pun membaca.Bagus tu,membaca itu jambatan ilmu.Tapi,apa yang Abang Nara baca semasa makan ya?URTV,Mangga,Hai ataupun Aksi?

Episod 4

Walaupun bertudung Jojo Struys tetap cantik dan menawan.Sesi cara-cara memakai tudung bersama kakak BeautifulNara.Untung kakak BeautifulNara,dapat publisiti yang begitu meriah.Namun,sampai sekarang saya masih belum tahu alamat blog kakak BeautifulNara.Ada sesiapa yang tahu?Bolehla berkongsi.Ingin juga saya kunjungi.

Episod 5

BeautifulNara(Nazuwan) meminati Scha Al-Yahya.Fazlin (BeautifulNara teman wanita) meminati Fahrin Ahmad.Adakah mereka akan turut bermasam-muka dan memutuskan hubungan sekiranya Fahrin dan Scha berpisah sepertimana semasa Fahrin dan Linda Onn berpisah?Adakah BeautifulNara akan menutup blognya sekiranya mereka berpisah?Tepuk dada,tanyalah selera.Hanya BeautifulNara yang mampu menjawabnya.

Episod 6

"Budiey,saya cabar kamu",itulah kata-kata BeautifulNara apabila diberitahu oleh Jojo Struys yang Project Alpha akan menemukan mereka .Maklumlah,untuk menambahkan kontroversi mereka perlulah ditemukan.Mereka kan pesaing hebat di dunia blog.Adakah pertemuan mereka sehebat gosip antara Aznil Haji Nawawi dan Azwan Ali?Ataupun mampukah ianya mengecapi respons pembaca sehebat gosip Fasha Sandha dan Nora Danish?Marilah kita sama-sama menyaksikannya.

Episod 7

BeautifulNara dan Budiey dicabar untuk bertanding sesama mereka.Agaknya siapa yang menang ya?Di samping itu,agak pelik juga kenapa pengunjung (views) yang menyaksikan BeautifulNara di Youtube tidak sebanyak pengunjung sehari di BeautifulNara ataupun Budiey?Adakah pembaca lebih suka membaca gosip artis itu sendiri dan bukannya penulis gosip atau blog tersebut?Ataupun talian internet terlalu perlahan dah susah nak 'loading'? Ada sesiapa yang mampu menjawabnya?

Episod 8 (Episod buatan sendiri)

Kalau di minggu ketiga pertandingan Project Alpha saya mencadangkan menukar kepada Red Daddy nama blog saya,mungkin kali ini saya rasakan nama yang boleh mempopularkan blog saya kepada 'BeautifulDaddy'(Auuuw/kontroversi gitu) .Apapun,pesanan dari saya,cubalah Adidas Action 3,anda pasti puas hati!!

Pesanan kepada pembacaku/Nuffnangers.Marilah sertai pertandingan menulis blog Project Alpha.Masih ada 2 minggu lagi rasanya.Macam mana nak sertai?Lawatla laman web ini http://www.nuffnang.com.my/projectalpha .Hadiahnya memang mengancam dan memuaskan.Saya sudah merasainya,anda bila lagi?Belum cuba belum tahukan?Di mana ada kemahuan,di situ ada jalan.

Menutup nukilan ini, terimalah dua rangkap pantun daripada saya :

Beautifulnara nama diberi,

Gosip terkini hiburan sensasi,
Pengunjung ramai riuh sekali,
Abang Nara, penulisanmu dihargai.

Beutifulnara terlampau nukilan hari ini,

Project Alpha hebat sekali,
Di lain masa berjumpa lagi,
Salah dan silap harap maafi.

P/s : Tajuk sengaja dikontroversikan kerana mengikut nasihat yang diberikan oleh BeautifulNara (tajuk hendaklah 'catchy' dan menarik untuk orang membacanya)

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